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Apple nanoI have an ancient iPod Nano. I refuse to get a new one because there is still room on this one for more music – I’m very picky about what music I put on it. Nope, no full albums for me; I cherry pick the songs that I really like. Problem is the battery no longer holds a charge. So begins my odyssey to find someone to replace the battery in my bazillion year old iPod.

As with almost all of my techie forays I began at the Tech Mall or Centro Plaza de la Technologia. It’s the strip mall on the southwest corner of Calle 59 and Calle 56 in Centro. Unfortunately the only information I got from the folks at "The Mall" was that there is an Apple store in Plaza Altabrisa or as the expats call it "The Altabrisa Mall."

So off me and my friend Tom go to the Altabrisa Mall where we find the Apple store. It’s conveniently, for us, located right next to Starbucks. After a brief discussion with a couple of the clerks, we discover that the mission of this store is to sell stuff and, maybe, handle a little warranty work. So where do I get my iPod repaired? They suggested I try Avante Soluciones near Mega Balcones.

AvanteAvante Soluciones is the only authorized service center for Apple in the Yucatan. They handle warranty issues and maintenance of current Apple products. It appears that they are also equipped to help with Apple software issues and even sales of new products. My friend Debi had her iPad2 repaired under warranty there. They are located at the corner of Calle 18 and 23 in Chuburna de Hidalgo. They are open from 9-2 and 3:30 to 7, Monday through Friday. But they don’t fix old Apple stuff! Continuing my quest, I ask where I can get my iPod repaired. They suggested that I contact Israel Villajuana.

So I called Israel.  His cell number is 1 51 77 98 and his e-mail address is  After struggling through a few sentences of Spanish explaining my problem, I discover that Israel speaks flawless English. His company is ComuniMac and, yes, he can replace the battery in my iPod. ComuniMac is located on Calle 30 between 33 y 35 in Colonia Emiliano Zapata Norte. As a reference driving north on the prolongation at Calle 35 you will see the restaurant "La Recova" on the right. Take a right turn here and right again at the next street. His business is on the left. Israel’s business hours are from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. I found it hard to get there between those hours, so I asked if he made house calls. For a very small fee he said that he would pickup and deliver the finished iPod to me.

silver-apple-logoI now have my iPod, with its new battery, in hand and it works like a dream. You can’t tell that he opened the iPod and, of course, he even returned the old battery. His work is perfect. So if you need work done on an Apple product that is out of warranty, Israel is your guy.

There is someone in Mérida that can fix anything/everything, you just have to follow the breadcrumbs to the end of the trail.

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  1. 27/01/2012 10:41

    And did he have a chance to tell you about our monthly MUG (Mac User Group) meeting?
    A few of us meet at his office monthly to discuss Apple computer usage. And iPads, etc.
    He certainly is good!

    • 27/01/2012 10:52

      Alinde, dame mas info porfa! As a recent Apple acquirer, namely and iPad2, I would be interested in a bit of assistance – gesh I know a bunch of people that would be interested! – They’re coming to me for help because I’ve had mine longer (7months) than they’ve had theirs!
      mil gracias!

      • 27/01/2012 12:32

        Email me,, and I’ll send you more information. Or you may want to check with Israel himself, since he’s the host for the monthly classes. OR, email both of us.

        Buen suerte! We need all the help we can find. Sure, it’s good to try it in Spanish, for that’s a learning experience; but having “learning experiences” all day long can become, well, tiring.

  2. 28/01/2012 18:36

    After years of frustration with PC’s, we bought a Mac, loved it and later had to have a Mac laptop, then iPhone. We have not been disappointed with any of our Apple products. The cost is quite a bit more, but the satisfaction and reliability more than compensate. Thanks for all the info you provide on sources. This will make our lives so much easier once we get there fulltime.

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