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Printer Cartridges (Cartucho de Tinta)


When we first moved to Mérida we were warned that printer cartridges were extremely expensive. With so many other things to do, we promptly forgot the warning until the color cartridge on our HP Deskjet 970Cse went dry.

Needing a cartridge badly I went Office Depot to get one right away. I was shocked when the clerk quoted 1,200 pesos for the cartridge! Checking HP’s web site the HP 78XL Tricolor Ink Cartridge, HP quoted $61.00, but HP refused to ship it to México. So grumbling profusely, I purchased the grossly overpriced cartridge.

So the next time the color cartridge started running low, I went shopping. I started my search at my favorite tech place – Centro Plaza de la Technologia. It’s the strip mall on the southwest corner of Calle 59 and Calle 56. I just love that place!

In cubicle 43-45 is a tienda that sells HP original and factory refurbished printer cartridges (They sell cartridges for other printer too). I asked for the HP 78XL color and the clerk gave me two options.

First, she had genuine HP cartridges and, get this, for only 520 pesos! At this point I was ready to buy. But wait she said; she also had factory refurbished cartridges for only 120 pesos! At this price I was getting a little wary.

She told me no problem. They have a guarantee on the refurbished cartridges. If it didn’t work or I was unhappy with it, bring the cartridge, box and receipt back within 8 days and I could (1) get another refurbished cartridge or (2) apply the purchase price against an HP original cartridge. What did I have to lose? So, I accepted the offer and took a refurbished cartridge home.   The company that supplies the refurbed cartridges is Tec•Laser.

The Tec•Laser refurbished cartridge works perfectly – not a glitch. So we are talking about the difference between 1,200 pesos at Office Depot and 120 pesos at the Tech Mall. I bet you can guess where I’ll be buying my printer supplies from now on.

Also, an aside, there is a tienda named Roy inside the Tech Mall that sells flash drives. They are excellent quality and the least expensive that I’ve found in Mérida.

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