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There are many options for television here in Mérida. I know of Sky, Cablemas, regular rabbit ears on the television set and DISH. We chose DISH because it had the channels that we watched NOB; shows like NCIS, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, etc. We don’t watch reality shows so we had no need for the major channels.

DISHAnyway on with the story. Last Tuesday DISH was working great until the afternoon storm. After the storm, we couldn’t acquire the satellite signal. We finally called for repair Thursday morning and they said that they would be out the next day, but would call to confirm first. Sure enough, the next day (Friday) they called and we told them that we had an appointment at noon to make sure that they arrived before then. You already know where this is going. Come noon – no technician; we fudged a little and didn’t’ have to leave until 1. Come 1 – still no technician.

We left, all the while strategizing on our next move with DISH. When we returned, by whim, we checked to see if we could acquire a signal. Lo and behold, there was the picture restored just a pretty as you please. Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised. Apparently the technician arrived late, but went onto our roof and corrected the problem without us being home. Thank you Mr. Technician!

Later that afternoon the DISH service center called to make sure that the problem had been corrected and to verify that we were happy with the repair. At this point we cannot say enough nice things about DISH and their repair service.

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