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Auto Safety Equipment


There have been numerous newspaper articles and blogs regarding the new "rules of the road" for the state of Yucatán.  For the most part the new rules make sense to me and are very similar to what we are used to in the US and Canada.


But, I do question the ability of the police to enforce such a quantum change.  I still see more than two on a moto.  I still see city and state trucks with any number of obreros (workers) in the back.  Even the SSP pickups have bench seats in the back sin cinturón de seguridad (safety belts).  Neither have I seen a drop in the number of drivers talking on cell phones while driving.  Change comes slowly to México.


But, as I said earlier, most of the new rules make sense to us.  Once outside of Mérida it gets pretty dark on some of the roadways, so we decided to purchase safety reflectors and a safety vest for our own good and to be in compliance.  To find these items, I went back to the tienda (store) where I previously purchased two safety cones.  It is one of the little tiendas that we find walking around Mérida.  Oh did I say that we only go to Home Depot as a last resort.  I’d much rather support a local merchant.


IMG_1952IMG_1951[Warning ADD moment]  We have a cochera (garage) with two no parking signs on the doors and a sidewalk cut which is painted bright yellow.  This does not cause people to even hesitate when parking over the end of our IMG_1953driveway.  The only way to get them to take notice and leave our driveway open was to place two very bright orange cones on either side.  This makes about 90% of the folks at least think twice about parking there.  You may notice from the picture that these bright orange cones have been run over several times.

[back to story]  I purchased the cones at Praxair, a herramienta (tool store) near us.  They are located at calle 39 #480 at the corner of calle 54.  They also have a tienda at Avenida Itzáez (86-B) # 601-B x 94.  They are very nice and patient people even though I drew several questioning looks as I butchered Spanish asking for the things I needed.


IMG_1949They had Triángulos de seguridad (warning triangles) for $72 pesos each.  I purchased three because I remembered from the driver’s test that if your car is disabled on a one-way street you need to place three reflectors at 50, 100 and 150 meters behind your car {actual test question}.  The reflectors have a weighted bottom and fold up for easy storage.  I also purchased a chaleco de seguridad (safety vest) for $40 pesos; also a great idea on dark roads.


IMG_1950So now I’m set, with a fire extinguisher (sorry I don’t know where to get one of these, we brought this with us from NOB), three reflectors and a safety vest.  Oh yes, don’t forget that you’re supposed to carry a copy of the Reglamento de Vialidad para el estado de Yucatán (driver’s manual) in your glove compartment.  It’s only $20 pesos at the DMV.

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  1. 07/08/2011 18:21

    Thanks for this reminder about the new requirements and for the recommendation on where to buy. I’d better head out and pick up a few things.

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