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Palm (or other large árbole) Removal


IMG_1862We had two large (6 meter) Washingtonian Palms (Washingtonia robusta ,Mexican Fan Palm or Mexican Washingtonia).  You know the ones with the barbs on the branches.  The leaves don’t fall off of their own accord like all other palms and the palms are just too tall for us to keep them trimmed.  So we decided to have them removed and replaced with something more manageable.


So I called my trusted vivero (Vivero Ucu) and asked Alex who to use.  He recommended Santos Camus (99 99 65 54 66).  Santos came by the next day and gave us an estimate.  We felt that the price was quite fair for the work and so we quickly agreed.  He said that he would be able to finish the job in a single day.  We discussed date and time.  He said that he would be back Monday at 8:00 to remove the two palms.


IMG_1863I no longer panic when it gets to be 9:00 and no Santos.  True to his word (allowing for Mexican time) Santos arrives at 9:15 with a pickup truck and two helpers.  They began by setting up scaffolding.  Yes, you read right, they had regular metal scaffolding.


IMG_1867IMG_1865They began by trimming off all of the branches.  The helper and Santos were up the scaffolding going at the branches with machetes.  The helper’s helper was on the ground separating the fronds from the branches and bundling them.  These guys have obviously worked together for some time.  Each had a job and went about it with great efficiency.


IMG_1880IMG_1873Once the branches were all removed they pulled out another unexpected tool from their toolbox – a chain saw!  Like lumberjacks of the north, they began removing sections of the trunk, letting them fall to the ground with a mighty "thump."


IMG_1879At this point they ran into the only real issue of the day – their pickup truck was full and they hadn’t loaded the pieces of trunk yet.  Not to worry, Santos gets on his cell phone (every Mexicano must be issued one of these at birth) and calls an amigo with a dump truck.  They took a break from the palm cutting to cross-load the basura from the pickup to the dump truck and went back to work on the palms.


IMG_1876IMG_1881Some of the trunk pieces were too heavy for the helper’s helper so they had to be cut in half so that he could carry them to the street.  After everything was removed, Santos asked to borrow our rake.  All three of them set about cleaning up the mess that they made.  They did a respectable job of cleaning.


I assumed that there would be a slight increase in price because he had to hire a dump truck, but he wouldn’t hear of it.  I paid him, thanked him and asked for his phone number in case any of our friends needed to have trees or palms removed.  In our opinion he did an excellent job for a fair price.

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