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Gettin’ buggy….


The rains finally came…cool, refreshing and cleansing. The canopies on the trees seem fuller, the grass less crunchy and our garden area is just happier. However, the rain did not come alone; it arrived with all manner of bugs. Those pesky mosquitoes are back along with some serious looking ants. Tuesday morning we saw swarms of the flying ants above the trees on the Paseo…people were stopping on the streets staring in disbelief. No photo of the swarm, but this is what you will be seeing around town for the next few days.IMG_1901 They are HUGE!!


Get out your bug sprays, skeeter zappers and whatever else you use in defense of the pests. They walk/fly among us…at least until the cooler weather comes in the fall. Such is life in the tropics!

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  1. Leslie permalink
    15/06/2011 08:24

    I find it entertaining to walk around the terrace and squash the little buggers. But you know you have to actually crunch them until the bodies tear apart. They don’t die easily. Anyway I lost count 40…Happy stomping.

    • nancyhoag permalink*
      15/06/2011 14:23

      LOL…I’ve not been going barefoot for that very same reason! I think you’ve got me beat on the numbers though.

  2. 15/06/2011 11:01

    You got a much better picture of them than I did! I couldn’t get the buggers to hold still before they were smashed, silly bugs. Don’t they want a last photo?

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