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Sunday in Merida…



It’s Sunday…a day of rest and relaxation. However in our little corner of the world it means getting up relatively early so we can ride the biciRuta ( a bike route through the city on major streets closed to vehicular traffic) , enjoy coffee and conversation, then whatever winds your clock. Speaking of clocks…today was special. Today we sprang/sprung ahead…stupid daylight savings!! So thinking I was getting us up a wee bit earlier than the norm meant a super relaxing morning consisting of a leisurely breakfast after walking the dog, a bike ride along the usual route with a stop for coffee where we discuss the woes of the world and how to fix them, returning home for a nice dip in the pool and then….well, whatever.  No, today we lost an hour!  So, everything we normally do in slow motion we had to kick into overdrive. Yes we still did the ride, enjoyed coffee and conversation and even the pool…but something was wrong!! It wasn’t done in the normal leisurely fashion! Oh well..shit happens.

Later we did enjoy visiting the AANY fair with all the beautiful art work for sale.  When we left we realized how hungry we were….seemed strange for 11:30 in the am. But wait…it’s actually 12:30, no wonder!  After some discussion of “what would you like”..”no…what would you like” it was decided that beer and botanas sounded really yummy! Who knew that we would visit the exact “scene of the crime” from one year ago? Those of you who joined us will remember my daughter Melissa visiting us last April! If not here are a few shots (jajaja) to remind you:




Yepper…we went back to Henequen’s for what turned out to be an all day “happy hour” or “hora felilz”…..2 X 1 beers!! Oh boy! They had a promotion featuring Sol or Superior so after two hours of wonderful botanas and eight (8) beers the bill came to a whopping 120 pesos…before tip. For those of you NOB that is roughly $10.00 (ten us dollars).

The music was terrible but the service and food were wonderful. A simply great way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon.

Now…if you will excuse me I think it is time for a siesta!!

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  1. 03/04/2011 19:35

    Sounds like a nice time 🙂

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