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If it flies it dies!


When we moved to Mexico from Colorado over two years ago, we had some climate and cultural issues we had to learn about.  The most difficult has been the BUGS!  Coming from the Mile Hi City of Denver, we did not have bugs…at least not many. Sure we had the nasty biting horse flies and the yellow jackets that could ruin a good BBQ quicker than ice melts in Merida, but there are BUGS in the tropics!  All kinds of bugs;  ants that can strip a plant of it’s foliage overnight, HUGE cockroaches that fly (makes me shudder) and other creepy crawly things. 

We’ve learned that we can control the ants through careful disposal of garbage, cockroaches are the ugliest things on the planet but they too can be kept in check with regular pest control. It’s the flipping mosquitoes that are driving me to drink! The little blood suckers are good for nothing. They keep me awake at night with their incessant buzzing, humming…whatever that is that they do in your ear. Since moving here we have used a plethora of products and devices to try and keep ourselves “skeeter” free.

IMG_1767At first we used the sprays, not realizing that we were breathing in all those lovely noxious fumes…dang near OD’d a few times. There are plug-in devices with either liquid or fiber inserts but they are worthless in my humble opinion. The coils and citronella are pretty good for patio but will smoke you out if you try to burn them inside.IMG_1766 Finally we learned about the Bug Zapper Rackets from friends D&T! These things are wonderful. Not only do you get to kill the little buggers instantly, you get the perverse joy of seeing them fry!! This little gem is a rechargeable 2500 volt hand held plastic and wire tennis racket looking thing that you can swing through the air and take them out mid-flight. The snap, crackle and pop is music to my ears. I actually have started sleeping with the racket, much to Barry’s dismay.

IMG_1768Recently we added another new gadget to our arsenal.Friends L&R showed us this fun “skeeter trap” that uses a blue light to lure the blood thirsty insects, when they get close to the light they are sucked up by a small fan and whisked into a holding area below. The down side, they don’t die right away…it takes a while to starve them to death. Kinda gruesome, but very effective. I know we shall never win the war but I’ll take all the battles I can!!

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  1. 27/02/2011 13:03

    So the blue light things work? I think I’ve seen them but there are so many gadgets out there, and I’ve bought more than my share. I’ll have to find out where you got it. I too am over the top with the damn mosquitoes. I could turn my yard into a wasteland and probably reduce them, it seems that is the Maya solution, but I want the greenery and the lush foliage and that gives them a place to breed.

  2. nancyhoag permalink*
    27/02/2011 13:47

    Jonna – yes, it does work. I can’t sleep with it on though…to me the fan is loud and the blue light is VERY bright. We keep it on from dusk till we go to bed. Home Depot in the Garden section, next to insecticides.

  3. 27/02/2011 14:38

    I’ve seen those. OK, I’m going to try one. Where we have the most problem is in our office, I can’t seem to get rid of them. Sitting at the desk leaves your feet vulnerable and drives me nuts. So, I don’t care about the light or the sound and I can leave it on all night.

  4. 27/02/2011 17:04

    Thanks for the post about the Bug traps. I think we may get one.
    We are new here- this is our second week here. 🙂 We just moved to Merida and are trying to get settled in. So far we’ve had two giant roaches, two scorpions, lots of ants, and two mice. whew. Didn’t know I moved to the jungle!! Thought it was the city. lol

    • 01/03/2011 18:38

      Hi Debbie and welcome to Merida! The proper name for the newest gadget is the “Nosquito!” Just love it…sorry about all the other critters. We’ve been very lucky and have had no scorpions or mice…knock wood!!

  5. 03/03/2011 21:54

    Thanks for this info, Nancy. I’ll have to look for it next time we’re down.

    btw…I was talking with Marc the other day and he said your knee is doing well. It was funny that he mentioned you because I had been wondering about you just a couple of days prior…lol. Sure glad you’re off those crutches but probably not as glad as you, eh?

    • nancyhoag permalink*
      04/03/2011 10:27

      Hey Barb…keeping warm?? Thanks, the knee is doing great! Walking daily, doing yoga, biking on Sunday and all pain free!! Can’t say enough good things about the doctors here in Mexico. When are you heading back?

      • 04/03/2011 23:08

        That is good news, indeed. I keep hearing how wonderful the medical system is there.

        We were actually just there for two weeks, returning back to Canada on Mar 1. We’re planning to return to Progreso in Nov. Hopefully my husband has had his other hip replaced then. He’s still hobbling around on crutches.

  6. 04/03/2011 10:12

    I can tolerate just about anything but mosquitos and fleas- please tell me there is not a huge flea problem in Merida. One little bite and I itch (all over) for hours. I guess I’m willing to shorten my life by using sprays in order to spend my remaining days as bug-free as possible! (:D

    Has anyone tried the gadgets that run on propane gas and are supposed to attract mosquitos with carbon dioxide (not detrimental to people or the environment)?


    • 05/03/2011 07:01

      John – I’m not sure about fleas but our dog has not been bothered. I’ve not seen nor heard of the gadget of which you speak. I’ll have to do some research. The electric one is sure doing it’s job!

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